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My initial contact with Robert Driskill, the owner of this company, dtlsolution. com) Driskill Tree and Landscape Solutions, was very pleasant.

Robert Driskill was very professional with a kindhearted disposition. We identified and talked at length about the trees I wanted removed. He gave me an estimate and asked that I apply for a tree permit when we're ready to get the work done. That's about where my positive experience ended.

In sum: Robert Driskill arrived on my property unannounced without knocking on the door or in any way letting me know they were on my property. Arbitrarily cut down trees two of the wrong trees. It was clearly identified in our discussion and specified in the permit which three trees he was allowed to remove. He insisted he was finished after cutting down "3 pine trees".

In essence, yes he did indeed cut down "3 pine trees". However, it's an acre lot with several pine trees and of the 3 pine trees he was hired to remove (and received the City's approval permitting him to remove), only one of the trees that he cut down were correct. The other two trees that he randomly removed were smaller, low risk trees which were arbitrarily picked. Those two trees were never requested to remove nor did were they specified on the permit approval to remove.

After reviewing the permit, he admitted he'd had not read the permit, additionally the estimate was vague without detailed description of the work plan. The tree permit also was not posted, although it is required by law that it's posted. The job was not completed. Robert Driskill insisted the work was finished because he cut "3 trees".

To have job completed with the correct trees he insisted an additional $400.00. I was confused and referred back to the permit and our initial agreement. But was told this was my problem not his. I paid a little less than half because the job was incomplete.

He refused to complete the job without the full payment and an additional $400.00. He's had several conversations with me and my husband and a letter from my attorney but we were not able to come to a consensus. At this point, he continues to call my house threatening to put a lien against my home and press charges against me with the local police. Robert Driskill has hung the phone up in my face three times.

I remain confused and distressed by Mr. Driskill's logic and professional tactics. I'm still left with having to hire a company to remove the two high risk trees. There wasn't an apology for the fact that his crew came on my property and cut down two of the wrong trees.

Never would I have imagined trying to get trees removed would be this stressful. Many lessons were learned that I would not have considered initially. 1) when hiring a tree removal company if the estimate is vague without a map or a narrative that specifically details the work consider it a red flag and demand a specific work order/contract (2) companies who do not list an address on their professional information such as contracts and website consider it a red flag. After online research, I found this company has several different addresses but none listed on any of the their business information.

(3) ALWAYS call the insurance company listed to find out if their insurance is current and sufficiently covers THEIR WORKERS (often the insurance will just cover the owner not the crew) (4) Make sure the trees are marked with bright spray paint (5) make sure you are home when the work is done and demand they knock on your door when they arrive then walk out to refresh their memory of the correct trees (6) Make them show you their copy AND post the City Permit. If they don't have the permit, print it for them and review it then make sure it is posted. Good luck! I hope that you have a better experience with a more ethichal tree removal company than we did.

Driskill Tree & Landscape Solutions DTL Contact: Robert Driskill Location: P.O. Box 451363 Atlanta, GA 31145

Review about: Driskill Tree And Landscape Solutions Tree Removal.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I read review above from looking up landscapers and removal companies in my area for tree removal and landscape designs for a original post of review, I see several different adressess attached to Driskill tree and landscape solutions. There was a different one with P.O.


Not good sign if addresses aren’t the same. Found this of several below.Driskill Tree & Landscape Solutions.329 Wellbrook Lane Atlanta, Georgia 30309.Phone (770) 330-7776


While searching for a company to remove some tees I came across this review site. The detailed reviews and nasty responses from the owner speak volumes.

I will not be contacting Driskill Tree and Landscape Solutions for my tree removal and landscaping needs.Thank you for the review. It saved me from potentially employing a business with questionable practices and hostile responses.


This story is totally fabricated and untruthful. The client can't even put their real name on the review.

Long story short, the client signed the contract to remove the trees but did not have the money to pay up front. Only paying half, our company made arrangements with the client to pay the rest of the bill after 30 days. After this time, somehow they CLAIMED we cut down the wrong trees. Normally, a client just doesn't sign the contract and pay for half of the tree removal if they are not happy with our work.

Our company lawyer will be filing a libel and defamation lawsuit against any individuals writing these fake reviews. Overall, it always seems like the people that owe you money are always the ones that complain the most.


Robert Driskill of Driskill Landscape Solutions also unprofessional on job at my home

to Anonymous #1473027

Not sure who wrote this fake review, but our company lawyer will be filing a libel and defamation lawsuit against the individuals that post this fabricated story.


Not good customer service

to Anonymous #1473028

Not sure who wrote this fake review, but our company lawyer will be filing a libel and defamation lawsuit against the individuals that post this fabricated story.


That is REALLY bad business practice.

to Ddeeduluth #1473029

Our company has never been contacted by this person. Not sure who wrote this fake review, but our company lawyer will be filing a libel and defamation lawsuit against the individuals that post this fabricated story.


Terrible customer service and resolution. Thank u 4 the warning

to Anonymous #1473031

Whoever posted this review, they never mention their name or who they are. We strive to make every customer service our main priority.

Our business would never survive if we had terrible customer service and resolution. Please be aware our company attorney will file a lawsuit for libel and defamation to any individuals that write these fabricated stories.


Thank you for the review. Good to know to avoid this business.

Suwanee, Georgia, United States #1352879

Thank you for the review.

I almost called this company for a job but now will look elsewhere!

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